Six Words or Less

So the pavilion is coming along nicely, but what do the members of Small Town Studio really thing about the project? Here’s what we had to say, in six words or less:

“Time is our scarcest resource.” -Brian H.

We have come to realize that construction takes a very, very long time. It also cannot be purchased at the local hardware store like our other supplies. In order to make this project a success, we have to learn to use the limited time we have wisely.

“Materials are lighter on the computer.” -Gary

There seems to be a huge disconnect between designing on the computer and constructing in real life. This was especially true when attempting to raise the built-up beams onto the tops of the columns. That’s an experience we’ll never forget.

“Just build a jig!” -Kyle

Sometimes the complications of construction can be eliminated with a simple solution, like building a “jig” to cut notches in the columns. But sometimes, that “simple” solution turns out to be not so simple. Let’s just say a large chunk of our time went into solving this “solution.”

“Generator! ON!” -Laura

Since we’re working so high off the ground, it has become necessary to use a scissor lift. But how does one turn on a generator for a corded drill whilst high in the sky? The answer is obviously to shout to another teammate on the ground: “Generator ON!”

“I wasn’t on that team.” -Kelsey A.

It seemed logical at the beginning of the project to split up into teams, so that each team would be responsible for a particular part of construction. However, when questions arise on the site, you can hear the above statement being muttered all around.

“We can deal with that later.” -Holly

Again, when dealing with problems, sometimes it is just easier to put them off until later. No harm in a little procrastination, right?

“The rule of pi.” -Kelsey L.

There is no shortage of math needed on site, and we have learned to simplify all math-related questions into one overarching statement: The rule of pi.

“Let’s go to Benny’s!” -Brian T.

When the work day is done, there is always one place on our minds: Benny’s. God bless those cheeseburgers, home fries, and cold pints.

“You wish.” -Stephen

This phrase caught on… Well, we’re not really sure when. But it stuck. And you’ll hear it several times a day on site.

“Beat to fit, paint to match.” -Ben

Ben acquired this advice when attempting to thread bolts through two pieces of built-up lumber and a column. But with a few whacks of a hammer and a nice paint job, no one will know the difference. (Right?)

“Well that took longer than expected.” -Dominic

We have learned that no matter how carefully we estimate time on site, every task takes at least two, possibly three, (and quite possibly four) times as long as we think it will. Such is the construction phase.

We’re having a blast and learning so much working on this pavilion. If you’re in the area, stop on by and maybe we can share more than six words with you!

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