A (Very) Warm Welcome

It was hot. It was sticky. It was nice to meet you too, Eureka.We took our first trip down to Eureka, Kansas in late August. The temperature had reached somewhere around 95 degrees, and it was only 11 o’ clock in the morning. But that couldn’t stop us from making the all-important initial site visit.

We started our day by taking a walking tour of Eureka. We saw shops on Main Street, visited with a few of the town’s locals, and then made our way to Eureka Spring Park, where our project is based. We snapped (if you call it “snapping” with a cell phone) photos of the creek, trees, and surrounding area whilst dreaming of all we could accomplish in the next few months.


taking photos and making notes about the site


A monument to the founding of Eureka lies just to the west of the site.

Within the next fifteen minutes, the heat really got to us and it was time to head inside. We visited an art gallery where the owners, Larry and Diane, saved our blood sugar levels by providing refreshments. (Thanks again, those cookies were delicious.)

After we had taken a much-needed break, we continued our tour of Eureka, exploring a small movie theater and Memorial Hall. (These are potential sites for our thesis projects in the spring.)

Here is the "hidden" third floor of Memorial Hall.

Here is the “hidden” third floor of Memorial Hall.

At the end of the day, we took a trip to Marshall Elementary to see a precedent for our pavilion: the outdoor classroom designed and built by Rural Design Mob. It was so helpful to talk to Kate and David because they had gone through the entire process we are about to take on, from conception through construction.


Could our pavilion take on some of these features?

Check out that wood grain.

Though we left hot, sweaty, and exhausted, we all knew a return trip to Eureka was just around the corner. And now we’re excited and equipped to start the design phase!

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